it is only life and life is just a lie?

why is it what ever we do to move on some one some were  cuts you off. look at me i loved to play my guitar every day. now it just sits there.i go to work make little money but we get by. it is so sad that we live like this we give up on what we love. facebook for one  as kicked me off in one way i am happy, but i don't the kids growing up. and other things. why i do posts that sometimes  go over what i should pay for. okay i am in to bit coin and things  and yes i made money from it but now. nothing facebook IS TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE'S. on your phone your tv  everything  you do. i am happy i do not have it anymore. it was fun do not get me wrong. friends and all that but i feel free from the day to day bull shit. and i know i have lost a lot of money from them kicking me off be i have no more stress. okay i other things i have to work on but i can now chill out and do it in my time back to my guitar music and songs. i am not up set about being kicked off i am  what you w


                                                       ALL THINGS BITCOIN have you been thinking of investing if so this may help you out. just a small video on where  to go and invest your money in bitcoin. list of links below.  get some free bitcoins for looking over  videos you looking to invest like i do come speak to hugo. start from $500 come speak to hugo also if you are looking to play poker come join me here all fun stuff. have fun everyone  and enjoy the video. if video not working go here thanks

Everyone is looking to invest. and i have it right here for you.

                                                        Everyone is looking to invest. most of you have followed me for some time on lots of things be it poker to ufos. but what about investments that work, how many of you have been scammed and lost money with so called investments mostly low investments. catch people out but after some time yep  it happened to me but i didn't get upset about it as most people thay don't like to admit it the thing is it is upsetting when you trust people and they scam you you worked hard to and you find it hard to get some were yep i know i have been there. what i say is if you are on facebook then name and shame them to everyone it helps. but don't give up as i said i help people also it get better as i will be dropping some links on this post so you can do just that but for now let's look at the good news. The good news is i am investing in a uk site. it is working out very well for me. now you don't have to take my word for

why you not making money online?

                                                       why you are not making money on line?                                                                     it's all to do with                                                                              TRUST sometimes it can be difficult  to fined the right thing to get you started i have been doing this for years. looking for the right things to get me making money online. yes i got scammed one or two times but lucky for me it was only little money. you see the thing is we all want to have the millions, yes but you need to invest to make the millions just ask your self one thing. how meany of your friends have a million. well i can tell you 5 of my friends do. will they help you no. so how you going to make money, i will show you if you take the time and follow what i do. it takes time and work not a lot of work but easy to do. you want in? okay if you are looking for free stuff then look over some of my other blogs


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Do you have $10 then i have just what you need.

                                    Do you have $10 then i have just what you need. what if you could make money every single day with just $10 investment. also make more by joining me and giving the same thing to your friends. yes it is that easy when you know how. over the past i have been looking for good ways to make money, and  yes i am not going to lie to you i have lost a lot in the past. and i have had some bad times but that never stopped me. you see when you have a feeling a need like most people just give up and go back to working hard and saying to them self's i did try. well i don't give up and this is why. i have a dream i have hope i am strong i am good i am giving inside of me every damn day i said to my self why why why why. maybe i was trying too hard  and like its says i could not see the woods for the trees. true everything was there but never made me any money until now. i am not a scammer you know why i could not live my life that way its just no


                                                    LET ME HELP YOU OUT? okay guy's over the past weeks i have been working on some things to help my friends out. and now i have set up a Facebook page for you all to come join me. may sound mad but i am making bitcoins for just clicking 100 ads a day and i get free ads for what ever i want to promote. sound like something you would like to do? okay let me just run you over it. first off you will need a  bitcoin wallet were to get one why not go here >>> click here to get your free bitcoin wallet  okay that is step one covered. now step 2 you will need a gmail account so when you join me you will get the boost. now to join me  it is free to start and i am working on other videos to show you how to make even more free bitcoins but we will get to that later. join  my free Facebook page here to help you get stated  join me here to get started now we can make some bitcoins.follow the video and join me. it is fre